GRASS LAKE INTERNATIONAL was formed in 2015 to pursue opportunistic housing-related investments outside of the United States.  The Company is primarily focused on residential development and was created to provide project-level equity capital to undercapitalized operators in select European property markets.  With the amount of equity required to fund new projects dramatically increased for many developers, the Company is focused on the creation of long-term capital partnerships.  With a clearly defined cost of capital and transparent risk/return criteria, the Company values optionality and typically favors granular investments characterized by measureable value creation and strong liquidity.  

The Company seeks compelling opportunities to invest in well-located land assets with significant development potential and a predictable path to related planning approvals.  In particular, it prioritizes buildable land in or near major city-center locations to be utilized for residential development for which there is tangible consumer demand.  Together with the proven execution capability of local operating partners, the Company's capital can provide a distinct competitive advantage in the pursuit and control of new projects.  By empany intends to be a partner of choice and to create significant value beyond its invested capital.