CHRISTOPHER FIEGEN is the founder and managing partner of Grass Lake Capital.  He has spent the past twenty years working in corporate finance and private equity investment management, with particular experience in the capitalization and operation of real estate-related companies.  Previously, he was with Equity International, a leading investment firm focused on property companies outside of the United States.  After joining the firm at its inception in 1997, he held several leadership positions during its subsequent growth and evolution over the following fifteen years including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Portfolio Officer.  In addition to being a member of the firm's internal Investment Committee and a board director of its portfolio companies, he also served as a provisional CEO/CFO for many of its early-stage investments.  The portfolio included several private homebuilding companies, some of which became significant market leaders and were ultimately publicly-listed.  While with Equity International, he also managed all capital raising activities and investor relationships, successfully organizing and investing more than $2 billion of equity across a series of five sequential opportunity funds.  Chris graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Business Administration in 1990.