GRASS LAKE CAPITAL operates with clear objectives, common values and a consistent philosophy which have been developed and refined through years of principal investing and partnership activity.  The Company recognizes the critical importance of providing a durable solution to the land capital needs of its homebuilder partners and considers the following as its primary success factors:


  • To build long-term partnerships with high-quality homebuilders which have strong records of performance 
  • To provide reliable and replicable capital to fund visible and measurable growth plans
  • To produce attractive returns on investment with a primary focus on delivering predictable and durable income
  • To consistently place and accurately price capital in response to fluid risk and reward relationships
  • To balance disciplined investment with the flexibility needed to become and remain a capital partner of choice 

In order to deploy its capital as efficiently and effectively as possible, the Company utilizes a well-defined set of parameters and priorities in evaluating its potential homebuilder partners.  While there is inherent flexibility, the following criteria reflect the core characteristics the Company typically looks for in its homebuilder partners:

  • Proven history of good operating performance and demonstrated success with the proposed plans/product
  • ​Healthy balance sheet with in-place construction financing and ability to contribute at least 10% of the land capital 
  • The financial resources, profitability and working capital liquidity to afford the cost of the land capital 
  • Defined need for additional land capital and a robust project pipeline to support its ongoing reinvestment
  • Experience with private capital partners and use of disciplined investment criteria to evaluate new projects